About Teak

Teak wood is also known by its Latin name as Tectona Grandis. This dense grained hardwood is one of the most durable woods, impervious to the effects of snow, rain, sun and ice. It has for centuries withstood the test of time when used as key components in shipbuilding. The high level of resinous oil and rubber content in teak also acts as a natural parasite repellent making it virtually immune to rotting. Anything made of teak is a heirloom and will last you for generations without any special treatment. It also requires no special coating when left outdoors. However, we recommend washing your teak with warm soapy water and a brush once a year to remove dust and accumulated dirt. 

When left untreated, teak will gracefully weather to a beautiful silver gray color. If you wish your teak to remain its golden colour you can apply teak oil. Teak oil will not extend the longevity of your furniture. Please note that once you apply teak oil it creates a maintenance program and needs to be reapplied season after season. 

Plantation Teak

We only select teak wood from ecologically managed plantations [Perum Perhutani] on the island of Java.  Perum Perhutani is the principal plantation forestry operation in Indonesia, and is responsible for regulating the number of trees that are felled and harvested – ensuring sustainability. Plantations in Indonesia were established in the 1880 and cover an area of c. 1,000,000 hectares, making it one of the largest to date.